Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get a visa to study and / or visit New Zealand?

A. Please visit the Immigration New Zealand website for information on visa requirements for different nationalities.

Q. Can I study on a visitor visa?

A. You may study up to 12 weeks on a visitor visa, and you are able to study either full time or part time.

For more information on NZ visas, visit NZ Study Work

Q. Can I work while I study?

A. You may work if you have a Working Holiday Visa or a Student Visa under certain conditions.
Because the Campbell Institute is a Category 1 Provider as recognised by NZQA, students studying full time for 14+ weeks at Campbell are entitled to work up to 20 hours/ week.

For more information on work rights for students, visit NZ Study Work.

Q. Can I study part time on a student visa?

A. No.

Q. What kinds of accommodation options does The Campbell Institute offer?

A. We offer two types of accommodation; homestay and apartment accommodation. In homestays you have your own room and live with homestay hosts in their homes. In apartment accommodation you have your own room and bathroom, and share a kitchen with other students and travellers.

Q. What is homestay accommodation like?

A. Our homestay hosts range from individuals and couples to families with children, and most homestays live on average 30 minutes from the school using public transport. If you have any particular food requirements or allergies (e.g. to cats or dogs), please let us know so that we can place you with appropriate hosts.

Q. How do I travel between my homestay and the school?

A. There is a good public transport system in Wellington and we only use homestays who live within walking distance of a bus stop or train station. Homestays are usually located on average 30 minutes from the school using public transport.

Q. Will my homestay provide me with food?

A. We offer a full board homestay option with 3 meals per day. The host will prepare a cooked dinner for you every evening, and provide you with food for breakfast and lunch.

Q. What is apartment accommodation like?

A. We place students at Capital Accommodation apartments. The rooms at Capital are generally ensuites, with basic cooking facilities in the room (a microwave, fridge and bench). There are also shared kitchens with ovens and shared laundry facilities.
For more information about Capital Accommodation, click here

Q. Does the Campbell Institute provide an airport pick up service?

A. Yes. Our airport pick up service is an optional extra that you can request when you submit your application to study with us.

Q. How can I pay for courses and accommodation?

A. Our preferred way for students to pay their fees is through Pay to Study. Pay to Study is specifically designed for students to pay their fees internationally. It does not charge international bank transfer fees and is usually faster than international bank transfers. All the necessary information to make a payment will be included on your invoice from the school, but for more information about Pay to Study, please see the Pay to Study website

You can also pay using Visa or Mastercard. Note that there is a 2.05% charge for credit card payments.